New kegs are becoming available all the time! Want something that you don’t see here? Ask us, and we’ll check it’s availability!

All strong point kegs MUST be PAID IN FULL before we can legally order them.

Keg deposit – $30; Tap deposit – $35 ($75 if special tap); Trash can deposit – $30

All deposits are refunded in full as long as all equipment is returned within five (5) business days.

On hand kegs are available on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. In order for kegs to be reserved they MUST first be PAID FOR IN FULL. It is ILLEGAL to pay for alcohol over the phone. In order to reserve a keg, even if you are a repeat customer, you MUST pay in person at the store. It’s not our policy, IT’S THE LAW. NO EXCEPTIONS.
You are responsible for loading and unloading your keg. Midtown Liquor staff will help when needed but cannot be held responsible for incidents during loading and unloading of kegs.

It is ILLEGAL in the state of Oklahoma to refund an alcohol purchase. 

3.2 Kegs

3.2 Kegs
ReserveItem NamePriceItem Size
Boulevard Wheat$0.005g
Bud Select$0.0015.5g
Amber Bock$0.005g
Bud Lite$0.0015.5G
Coors Light$0.0015.5G
Miller Light$0.0015.5G
Natural Light$0.0015.5G
Miller High Life$0.0015.5G
Michelob Ultra$0.0015.5G
Michelob Ultra$0.005G
Killians Irish Red$0.0015.5G
Blue Moon$0.0015.5G
Blue Moon$0.005G
Amber Bock$0.0015.5G

Strong Kegs

Strong Kegs
ReserveItem NamePriceItem Size
Goose Island IPA$0.005g
Ace Pear$0.004.9g
Abita Amber, Purple Haze$0.007.75G and 15g
Amstel Light$0.0015.5G
Anchor Bock/Liberty/Steam/Brown/porter/seasonal$0.005G
Anchor Bock /Steam$0.0050LT
Anchor Old Foghorn$0.005G
And. Valley Amber$0.0015.5G
And. Valley IPA, seasonal, turkey$0.005G
Asahi dry$0.005G
Ayinger Brau-weisse$0.0050LT
Ayinger Celebrator$0.0030LT
Bass Ale$0.0013.2G
Big Sky IPA/Moose Drool$0.0015.5G
Bitburger Pils$0.0050LT
Bellhaven Ale$0.0013.2G
Bellhaven Stout$0.0013.2G
Blanche de Bruxelles$0.0030LT
Boulevard Wheat$0.0015.5G
Boulevard all$0.005G
Boulevard Amber$0.005G
Boulevard tank 7$0.005G
Bridgeport Hop/IPA/Kingpin$0.007.5G
Chimay White$0.005G
Choc $0.0015.5G
Choc $0.005G
Choc Bier de Garde/Dub$0.005G
Coop DNR$0.005G
Coop F5 IPA$0.005G
Coop Horny Toad/ Native Amber$0.0015.5G
Coop Horny Toad/Native Amber$0.005G
Coop Gran Sport$0.005G
Coop Zeppelin$0.0015.5G
Dead Armadillo Amber$0.005G
Dos XX Amber/Lager$0.0015.5G
Erdinger Hefe$0.0050LT
Estrella Damm Lager$0.0050LT
Franziskaner Hefe$0.0013.2G
Franziskaner Dunk$0.0030LT
Fullers ESB/porter$0.0050LT
Fullers pride$0.0050LT
Green Flash (west, bullet, diego, freak, red) $0.0015g and 5g
Gordon Biersch Marzen$0.005G
Great Divide DPA$0.005G
Great Divide Herc Dub IPA$0.005G
Great Divide Samurai$0.005G
Great Divide Titan IPA$0.005G
Great Divide Yeti st$0.005G
Grimbergen Double$0.0020LT
Hennepin farmhouse$0.005G
Hofbrau okt/orig$0.0050LT
Unibroue Ephemere$0.005g
Konig Ludwig$0.005g
Kronenbourg 1664$0.0030LT
Kronenbourg 1664$0.0050LT
Labatt blue$0.0015.5G
Laughing Dog Dogzilla IPA$0.0015g
Left Hand 400lb Monkey$0.0015.5G
Left Hand Milk stout$0.005G
Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout$0.0015.5G
Left Hand Sawtooth$0.0015G
Left Hand Sawtooth$0.005G
Leinenkugel $0.005G
Leinenkugel $0.0015.5G
Lindemans Framboise/pomme/peche$0.006.6G
Lone Star$0.0015.5G
Lost Coast Brown$0.0015.5G
Lost Coast white/tangerine/IPA$0.0015.5G
Marshall IPA/Pub/Pils/Wheat$0.0013.2G
Marshall IPA/Pub/Pils/Wheat$0.005G
Crown Valley Big Bison$0.0015g
McSorley's Black$0.0015.5G
Moylans Kilt lifter$0.005G
Murphys Irish red/stout$0.0030LT
Mustang gold/wheat/Route 66$0.0015.5G
Mustang gold/wheat/Route 66$0.005G
Newcastle Brown Ale$0.0013.2g
Old Rasputin$0.0015.5G
Old Style$0.0015.5G
Ommegang Abbey Ale$0.005G
Pabst Blue Ribbon$0.0015.5G
Paulaner Hefe/Salvator$0.0050LT
Pilsner Urquell$0.0013.2G
Point $0.0015.5G
Roughtail (12th, red)$0.005g
Redhook ESB$0.005G
Rouge Hazelnut Brown/ Dead Guy$0.0013.2G
Rogue Juniper$0.0013.2G
Sam Adams $0.0015.5G
Sam Adams $0.005G
Sea Dog$0.005g
Schlitz lager$0.0015.5G
Schneider Aventius$0.0020LT
Schneider Edel$0.0020LT
Schneider Weisse$0.0020LT
Shiner $0.0015.5G
Shiner $0.007.75
Shiner Holiday Cheer$0.007.2G
Sierra Blanca Alien Amber$0.005G
Sierra Nev. Pale$0.0015.5G
Sierra Nev. Pale$0.005G
Spaten Dunkle$0.0030LT
Spaten Dunkle$0.0050LT
Spaten Oktoberfest$0.0050LT
Spaten Optimator$0.0030LT
Spaten Premium$0.0050LT
St Bernardus abt 12$0.005.2G
Stella Artois$0.0013.2G
Tallgrass $0.005G
Tripel Karmeliet$0.005G
Warsteiner Dunk/Okt/orig$0.0050LT
Weihenstephan Krist$0.0030LT
Weihenstephan orig$0.0050LT
Widmer IPA/Hefe/Pale$0.005G
Widmer $0.0015.5G
Youngs Double Chocolate Stout$0.0050LT
Acme IPA$0.0015g
Great Divide Rumble IPA$0.005g